Let us know how we can help .
  • The ability to go on a site that is focused just on our community and gear up with staff for a big weekend or busy period is fantastic and I am as excited by this project as you are.
    I anxiously await the launch as we will be a loyal supporter.

    Tilly Hughes

    Good Food Store
  • If the community prospers then we all prosper.
    We have a number of odd jobs, and this is the best forum I have ever seen to get these jobs filled.
    We are 100% behind this project and wish you all the very best.

    Phil Woods

    Tradelink Plumbing Supplies Forster Branch
  • The Community Connect site would save time and money for both employers and employees in local communities, as it provides a simple portal for both to connect and communicate in real time to meet the operational needs of growing local businesses. Keeping it simple suits us all.

    Debe Brassey

    Owner Cellitos on Smiths & Allure on Smiths
  • Supporting our community, this the other key advantage.
    I will not only recommend this but will be one of the first to use it.
    The Community Connect site will fill a need in our community and possibly many
    other communities. I have no doubt it will be supported and successful.

    Steve Ridley

    Owner / Fishtales on The Lake

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