About Community Connect

Community Connect is for our
community and about our community.
We believe if the community prospers
then we all prosper. By simply posting a job or task you are helping the community.

If you find the right employee or person
to do your Task the connection to that
person will cost just $20.

Its easy 
so what are you waiting for...

How it works

Imagine if an employment site and a Task site were rolled into one, well here it is.
Community Connect Services is for our community and about our community.
We are about helping local businesses find staff for either full time, part time or casual work.
We will also find a task for you or help you get a task done.

With Covid, bushfires and floods taking their toll on all of us we believe we need to come together even more than ever before,
and we feel Community Connect services is the channel to do that.

All you need to do is either register your business or yourself as an individual, and its easy.

Once registered you can either find a job, post a job, do a task or post a task to be done.

When you register you can select the type of work you are looking for and when a job or task is posted that fits your requirements, we will send you a notification, the rest is up to you.

Community Connect is free to register, then you can post jobs, tasks and also receive applications.
Employers posting a Job or Task will only be charged once they select a candidate and connect. Don’t find a suitable candidate?  No stress, you won’t be charged!
A charge only applies when you are connecting to someone !! Our pricing structure is completely transparent and there are flexible options.
A simple flat fee of $20.00 per connection, that's it.

We will strive to help find employment for everyone who wants to work.

What are you waiting for ☺ Sign up, log on and get started

Craig Davies
CEO / Founder
Community Connect 

|PO Box 72 Pacific Palms NSW 2428
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1. Sign Up

- Its free to sign up, no obligations and takes less than a minute.

- By signing up you nominate your Community, so everything you see or do is relevant for you and your LGA.

2. Start connecting

i) Notice board

- Notices are for any community announcement or event or simply help needed (ie lost my dog...)

- Its free to post and allows people to stay connected with what’s happening in their community

ii) Search for Jobs or Tasks

- Its free and easy to search and apply for Jobs and Tasks

- Tip: In your user profile enter your Job and Task preferences and you will be notified when a Job/Task is posted that matches your profile

iii) Post a Job or Task

- First purchase a credit for $20

- Then post your Job or Task

- You will be notified when people apply for or make offers on Jobs and Tasks. You can then view and manage those applications.

Note: Your credit is only deducted from your account once a person applies for that Job or Task (so if no-one applies your credit is not used and can be used for another Job or Task)

" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "


" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "