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Writing an Application Letter

The sole purpose of a job application letter is to persuade the recipient to interview you. Think of this letter as your salesman in the field and, to give yourself a fighting chance, you need to stand out from the crowd. Keep it brief – this is just the first round of the game.

1st Paragraph:

A brief introduction. Some simple suggestions:

  • Your advertisement for a ……… interests me as it appears to involve areas that match my skill base and personal interests.
  • Your advertisement for a …….. appears to be a good fit with my work experience and would enable me to progress within this industry.
  • Your advertisement for a …….. is the opportunity I have been seeking and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed at anything I commit to.
  • I would like to apply for the position of ………. as advertised. I am hoping the attached Resume will persuade you to give me the opportunity for an interview.

2nd Paragraph:

Now is the time to sell yourself – make every word count.

  • It would appear, initially, that we meet each other’s needs and would be a good fit. My response to your criteria, point by point, follows:
  • My experience as it relates to your criteria is as follows:

Now follow your check list and address each point one by one, matching their needs with your experience. Remember to begin each corresponding response with a descriptive adjective. A couple of examples (set out from a Resume format):

Warehouse Cleaner

  • Responsible for cleaning of entire …. sq.ft. warehouse.
  • Maintained all equipment and ordered new materials when required.
  • Secured all areas before vacating premises.
  • Obtained all Health and Safety Certificates required.

Customer Service

  • Achieved Merit Certificates on a regular basis.
  • Consistently received positive feedback from customers.
  • Attained qualifications.
  • Managed a small dedicated area.

Note: All is not lost if some of your skills don’t match. What is then taken into account is called Transferable Skills – meaning that you have experience in similar areas which basically require the same application or would be simple to pick up.

Last Paragraph:

  • I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more depth about the contribution my dedication and work ethic could make to your business.
  • I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss any areas that need clarification and demonstrate my enthusiasm and determination to do well in whatever I commit to.

Footnote: There are heaps of examples of standard layout on line - check them out.

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