The Employement Game

Improve your chances in getting the job you want by following these simple rules. 

  1. Deciphering advertisements: 
  • Reading between the lines; understanding what the job involves; and what they want. 
  • Which most describes you? a) I fit the job description – I’m confident; b) I have a 50/50 chance; c) really want it but don’t have the experience.  
  1. Writing an application letter:
  • Responding to their criteria point by point. 
  1. Tailoring your Resume: 
  • This is not a one size fits all exercise – every job requires a made to order resume. 
  1. Interview techniques:
  • Be prepared: research the company and job before speaking with the employer. How can you convince someone you want to work for their company if you have no idea what they actually do?
  • Look like you already work there – more research.
  • Sell your attitude: Let them know you really WANT the job;
  • Match their requirements with your experience/knowledge/training or some demonstration of your determination to advance in this area. 

It’s not over till it’s over

Send a thank you email saying how much you appreciated their time and request that your application be held on file in the event that a future opening becomes available.

Download here to learn more:
The Employement Game (.pdf)

" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "