The Elevator Pitch...

All of us have experienced a situation where we’ve rubbed shoulders with someone we have been attempting to connect with but not had the confidence or experience to know how to engage with them. And, we mentally kick ourselves later about the lost opportunity.
Next time, be prepared with an Elevator Pitch. This catchy label is referenced by the fact that time is usually the main factor when we come face to face with someone we want to connect with in an unscheduled meeting and have just a few minutes to make a meaningful impact. The estimated time between elevator floors is 30 seconds so it is very obvious that every one of them counts – you can’t afford to waffle or miss the point. Clearly, you need a well-rehearsed spiel ready to present at the drop of a hat.

Whoever you are attempting to engage with, will be asking themselves these questions:

  1. Who is this person? : 
  • “Lynette Davies (shake hands if appropriate) I am a Corporate Coach.” 
  1. Why would they be of interest to me?
  • “I specialise in the area of Small Business Development, which I understand from recent media coverage is of great personal interest to you.”  
  1. What do they want?
  • “I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss ways in which we could develop mutually beneficial programs to grow your local business community. When would be a good time?”

Summarised, your Elevator Pitch needs to be short and sweet. Remember: this is a sales pitch, so stay focused on the essentials:

  1. Who you are: : 
  • “Hi, I’m Joe Blogs, honoured to meet you Sir.” 
  1. What do you do:: 
  • “I’m a recent graduate of ABC School where I studied Animal Welfare. Most weekends I volunteer at my local RSPCA.” 
  1. What you want to achieve:: 
  • “I’m looking for a permanent position and I was hoping you could connect me to someone in your organisation who could assist me or arrange an interview.” 

Another example:

Joe Black! Hi, I’m Craig Davies. I noticed you at the Council meeting earlier, but didn’t have the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m the CEO of Community Connect (which I suspect is self-explanatory but would be pleased to answer any questions you may have). We’re currently launching in your neighbourhood and experiencing a promising response. Your reputation precedes you as being a strong advocate for small business enterprise and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss ways we could mutually benefit from developing our program. When would it suit you to get together?

Always remember:

If you fluff it, learn from it, and NEXT TIME be prepared (rehearse it) and get it right.

The most valuable phrase in the English language:

" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "