About us...

We are passionate about our community and we want to make a difference.

After moving from the city to the NSW Mid North Coast, I quickly became aware how important my local community is and how people rally around each other and help. It's a community thing and I love it. People talk to one another, they care and want to help, the cities just don't get it !

I wanted to get in touch with the community and I wanted a better way to connect and “Community Connect” was born..

After talking to numerous businesses in and around the area, the one overriding issue was staff. Be it for a full-time position, part time or even just an hour per week. I concluded that if we had a single vehicle which everyone could use, it could become a very strong and useful service for our, and many other regional communities around Australia.

Imagine if an employment site and a Task site were rolled into one, well that's us. For our community and about our community.

By simply putting a Job or Task on Community Connect we will open up to a whole range of employees from School kids to Retiree’s, a single mum looking to pick up some extra cash etc etc . When people earn cash in our community, those dollars will generally be spent in our community, so everybody wins.

Community Connect is free to register, then you can post jobs, tasks and also receive applications.

We will strive to help find employment for everyone who wants to work.

So, What are you waiting for Sign up, log on and get started.

Community Connect is for your community and about your community. We believe if the community prospers then we all prosper.

Hone your skills…

Each month we will provide you with a new training module to improve your chances of getting a job.

How it works.

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Once your job is posted, your listing will be available to job seekers who will be able to apply for the position.

Once a Job application is made you will be charged $20, then its over to you.

" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "


" Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. "